I am Jarrod Davis

Problem Solver,Emmy Award Winner,Visual Effects Artist,After Effects Expert,Scripter,Motion Graphics Animator

About Me

My lifelong dream was always to fly in space. But even in the best circumstances, the odds of any human accomplishing that are vanishingly long. At least for the next couple hundred years.

As a consolation prize, I decided to fly spaceships around on TV and in movies. That worked out pretty well. Got a nice statue, anyway.

Over the years, I worked on a bunch of stuff, some of which you've probably seen, including Star Trek and Firefly.

I'm not really a bragger, but since this whole site is about me and what I do, I kind of have to put this stuff in.

Emmy Award
Actually real.
Clink the button to see my IMDb.com page, for a pretty complete list of credits.
Vital Stats
Name: Jarrod Davis
Profile: Technical Artist
Contact: jarrod@jarroddavis.com


Compositing 85%
Motion Graphics 78%
3D Modeling and Animation 95%
Graphic Design and Illustration 83%
XAML/C# 55%
Javascript/HTML/Web Apps 68%
Figuring out how to do what needs to be done, every time 100%









A Brief History

The frequent short-term nature of work in Hollywood means that there are some overlapping dates. This is just a rough guide.


I began my career at NewTek, Inc. - makers of 3D modeling and animation software LightWave 3D. I started in technical support, but was eventually able to go out to trade shows, demoing software and making valuable industry connections, while spending all my free time teaching myself modeling, animation, lighting, and rendering.

'97-'98: NewTek

My first industry job was at the legendary Foundation Imaging on a kids show called Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles. Eventually I graduated to working on high-end made-for-TV productions such as Superfire, and then the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager and the first season of Enterprise.

'99-'02: Foundation Imaging

Not a long or glamorous stint, but I worked on several high-end commercial projects, from Ericsson to now-defunct Global Crossing as well as an event intro video for Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture. (I also used to sneak in to watch VFX dailies from the first X-Men film. That was awesome.)

'00: Digital Domain

I joined Zoic Studios (Radium LA at the time) for the pilot of Firefly, and was part of the core crew for the run of the show. We won the Emmy for it in 2003. Afterwards, that team flipped over to work on the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, for which we were nominated for an Emmy. Also there I worked on House, M.D., Eureka, 24, and many other film, commercial, and TV projects.

I did my first CG supervising on Century City and my first full-on VFX Supervisor gig for Ghost Whisperer, including being on set at Universal Studios and on location.

'02-'07': Zoic Studios

I left 'Hollywood' and rejoined NewTek in San Antonio in 2007. In the Content department, I started out building and rendering LiveSet™ virtual sets, animation stores, and title templates for the TriCaster™ video production system. After moving into the UX department, I got to start diving into software development. Since then, in addition to creating and maintaining the user interface for the TriCaster™ and IP-series products, I've developed some web applications, and been a co-developer on a telestrator application and the LiveGraphics™ animated title system.

'07 - present: NewTek (pt. 2)

In around 2011, I started doing freelance animation and visual effects for a number of clients. I've worked on award-winning short films such as Squeezebox, independent feature films such as Angel Dog, Te Ata, The Adventures of Pepper and Paula, Gosnell and several web commercials for clients such as Palm Agent. I've recently completed 100+ shots for the upcoming film The Chickasaw Rancher, including herds of cattle, sky replacements, and lots of smoke and fire.

'11 - present: Freelance


Take a look at some of the things I've done.

If you want to. I'm not your dad.